Available with 140 or 150 mm travel, the Highlander suits a 150 or 160 mm fork. The benefits of the high pivot design are enormous - moving the pivot up changes the path the rear wheel moves through when it goes through its travel. The wheel moves up and back, not up and forward, so you lose less energy when the suspension takes a hit. The action also makes the suspension feel like it has more travel than it actually does and the suspension is still fully active under heavy braking.

    • 126 Link Chain Standard chains can be used, no need to join two chains.
    • Sealed bearings and grease ports throughout, Including pivot bearings.
    • Cable Channel for tidy lines and easy cable replacement. Brake and gear cables run in a channel under the top tube. Clean lines without the hassle or cable rattle associated with internal routing.
    • Bonded rubber frame protection under downtube and on chainstay to protect against rock strikes and chain slap. We can also provide and fit Invisiframe for your new frame.
    • Water bottle and accessory mounting bolts.
    • 2.8" tyre clearance.
    • Boost 148 - Threaded BB.

    Custom Build Your Deviate Highlander

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    We specialize in custom-built enduro bikes!

    There is no need to compromise on the build of your new Deviate Highlander.

    We can do everything from a completely bespoke bike built to your exact specification to just changing the grips.

    You might be surprised by how reasonably priced your dream bike could be, and using the Cycle To Work Scheme is available as a payment option.

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    Deviate Highlander Geometry & Sizing

    Highlander 140 with 150 mm Travel - 44 mm off set Fox 36/140 with 160 mm Travel - 44 mm off set Fox 36
    Sizes in mm
    Size M L XL
    A: Stack 613/619 623/629 641/648
    B: Reach 444/435 473/467 499/491
    C: Head Tube
    66°/65° 66°/65° 66°/65°
    D: Head Tube
    100/100 110/110 130/130
    E: Seat Tube
    76°/75° 76°/75° 76°/75°
    F: Seat Tube
    410/410 430/430 450/450
    G: Effective
    Top Tube
    598/600 630/632 660/662
    H: BB Height 342/341 342/341 342/341
    I: BB Drop 28/29 28/29 28/29
    J: Chainstay Length 440/443 440/443 440/443
    K: Wheelbase 1194/1201 1228/1235 1261/1268
    L: Standover 730/731 730/731 730/731
    M: Fork Offset 44/44 44/44 44/44
    Seatpost Diameter 31.6 31.6 31.6