Custom Wheel Build FR 560 - Hope Pro 4 - Steel Freehub

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A heavy duty wheel set. Tough FR 560 rims with super reliable PRO 4 Hubs. Built with the same spokes as we used for our legendary BMX wheels. Stainless steel freehub is a bit tougher for those riders who stamp the pedals!

  • DT Swiss FR560 Rims
  • Hope Pro 4 Hubs
  • Stainless Steel Freehub


  • Legendary Hope reliability.
  • 4 pawl ratchet with 8.2 degree engagement.
  • Steel 9/10/11 speed freehub body - tougher but slightly heavier than aluminium.


  • Slightly heavier than EX511, the FR560 is a more DH focussed rim.

Select your chosen hub size and colour, rim size and number of spokes. Price includes Stainless, double butted, black spoke with long, black, brass nipples. Wheels built by veteran wheel builder in professional wheel truing stand.

This is a  custom made product and is non-returnable.

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