Deviate Highlander Ohlins Air Edition Bike

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20Twenty Exclusive!

We've put together two build specs with Sweden's finest suspension and Scotland's finest frames. The rest of the build includes our favourite, tried and tested components.

This build uses an Öhlins RXF Air 36 fork and TTX22M air shock. Air suspension has the advantage of being easier to tune - you don't need to fit new springs to adjust spring rate. Some riders prefer the more "poppy" feel of air sprung bikes.

We can change the spec to suit you! Upgrades can include XTR drivetrain, Hope or XTR brakes, and Industry 9 hubs. We can supply a frame, fork and shock with a saving over RRP too if you already have a donor bike.

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Forks Due 06/21. Frame ETA's:

Skye BlueMSeptember
Skye BlueLSeptember
Skye BlueXLSeptember
Sunset YellowMSeptember
Sunset YellowLSeptember
Sunset YellowXLSeptember


Frame Deviate Highlander
Fork Ohlins RXF36 Air
Shock Ohlins TTX Air
Drivetrain Shimano XT 12 Speed
Brakes Shimano XT 4 Pots
Wheels Hope/EX 511
Dropper OneUp
Remote OneUp
Saddle SDG Radar Cr-Mo
Bars OneUp Carbon
Stem OneUp 35 or 50mm
Grips Deity Knuckleduster
F Tyre Michelin Wild Enduro 2.4
R Tyre Michelin Wild Enduro 2.4
Headset Upper Hope Top ZS44/28.6
Headset Lower Hope Lower ZS56/40

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