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FR 560 Rim

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The DT Swiss FR 560 has made to withstand the nastiest of rock gardens, the roughest of roots and the sketchiest of landings. The prototype proved to be World Championship material, and the final product is now available for you to shred as hard as you want. Available as a classic 26” and as a 27.5”. The 30 mm inner rim width provides your tires with the support they need to roost through the berms at full speed.

With over half the Downhill World Cup pits running DT wheel components, no one else has more experience and knowledge in making dedicated DH race hoops. Up until recently, DH tyres lagged behind their trail counterparts in terms of offering updated, high-volume casings designed for wider rims. However, with a new generation of 2.5 inch, high volume DH rubber now hitting the slopes, the time is right for DH to embrace the advantages of full 30 mm wide rims.

The FR 560 is one of the first of these, designed from the ground up as a DH race model, it offers monstrous strength and impact resistance, but extensive testing has led to a rim that's the same weight as the old 570 despite being wider.

Unlike DTSwiss' premium Enduro and All Mountain rims, the FR 560 uses standard eyelets, the reasons for this are twofold:

  • Firstly, it makes it easier to source replacement nipples when you're racing tomorrow.
  • Secondly, with a rim that's already this stiff the PHR system used for our lighter models is simply overkill and using standard eyelets adds a small amount of flex into the wheel system for added control and grip in technical sections and corners.

FR 560 is the rim we recommend when extra strength over an EX511 is worth the weight penalty. The extra hundred-ish grams might not matter to burlier riders.

  • Weight 570 grams (26 inch) 595 grams (27.5 inch).
  • ERD 538 mm (26 inch) 563 mm (27.5 inch).
  • Inner Width: 30 mm, outer width: 35 mm, height: 21 mm.
  • 32 hole only.

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