Clean Protect Lube Gift Pack

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  • Packaged in uncoated cardboard made with a minimum of 70% recycyled material.
  • Single coloured print on the packaging to make recycling as easy as possible.

Two part formula penetrates the chain, pushing out old, dirty lube, then replaces it. Clear base lube is fast penetrating, anti-corrosive and displaces water. On first use, your chain might go black and look pretty bad - don't worry, this is the first part of the lube working!APPLICATION

  1. Fully degrease drivetrain before applying fresh lube to ensure there is no old chain oil present. For best results, use Peaty's foaming drivetrain degreaser or XXX solvent degreaser to remove stubborn factory greases in the case of brand-new chains.
  2. Ensure you thoroughly rinse your chain with clean water after degreasing (degreaser is designed to eat chain oil after all).
  3. Remove as much water as you can from the chain.
  4. Give the bottle a good shake to evenly distribute the secret sauce.
  5. Apply the lube while cycling the chain backwards (e-bikes will need to be pedalled forwards in a stand) ensuring every link is adequately covered.
  6. Keep cycling the chain for 10seconds or so to help the lube work its way into your chain.
  7. Thoroughly wipe away all excess lube from your chain using a clean cloth (excess oil on the outside of the chain will attract dust in dry conditions).

Biodegradable mountain bike cleaner for use on high-tech bikes. Safe to use on all parts of a modern mountain bike, including brake pads and carbon parts. LoamFoam has a unique cleaning formulation with gelling agents, so the cleaner stays on the bike as you use it - it doesn't just run off.

Spray on your bike after cleaning to disperse water and leave a thin film to help protect the finish and make it easier to clean the bike next time. Safe for use on platstic, alloy, carbon etc, but keep it away from your brakes.

Peaty's MT17 is similar to other products on the maket with Water Dispersant properties, but PT17 is biodegradeable.

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