LoamFoam Starter Pack

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Starter pack containing a 1 litre bottle of LoamFoam bike cleaner and a 1 litre bottle of LoamFoam concentrate - giving you a total of 6 litres of bike cleaner in one box!

  • Packaged in uncoated cardboard made with a minimum of 70% recycyled material.
  • Single coloured print on the packaging to make recycling as easy as possible.


Biodegradable mountain bike cleaner for use on high-tech bikes. Safe to use on all parts of a modern mountain bike, including brake pads and carbon parts. LoamFoam has a unique cleaning formulation with gelling agents, so the cleaner stays on the bike as you use it - it doesn't just run off.

LoamFoam Concentrate

Dilute at 1:5 to make 5 litres of LoamFoam. Peaty's have even marked the bottle in 200ml increments to help you measure out the perfect amount.

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