Tubeless Sealant 120ml Trail Pouch

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Peaty's tyre sealant uses "bio glitter" to help plug bigger punctures that other sealants can't seal.

    • Ammonia free, non-hazardous latex based.
    • Biodegradable bio-glitter helps plug holes.
    • C02 compatible.
    • Seals up to 6mm holes.
    • Operating pressures: 15 to 120 ps.
    • Lasts 6 months + in UK temperatures.
  • 27.5" tyres need around 70-90ml, 29ers require 100-120ml. Add a bit more if you're running plus tyres or you are puncture prone!
  • Some new tyres can have tiny imperfections in the lining making the tyre slightly porous, so if you see spots of sealant appearing on the outside of a tyre that hasn't had sealant before, don't worry, this is fairly normal. Some new tyres will need a top up after a few days use.

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