Shorty Front Mudguard

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It's getting to the point where it's unusual to see a bike without one of these in Winter anywhere in Scotland these days!

We stock the Mudhugger in two versions, this one is a bit shorter. We've included an image of the the Shorty overlaid with the long mudguard for comparison.

Style cats who can't quite get over the fact they're adding a mudguard to their bike go for this size, but for all out mud protection, we also stock the longer Mudhugger FR. Neither are going to let you go home clean after a day riding slop, but the difference it makes to your vision is amazing! Even if you wear goggles, you won't have to clean your lenses anywhere near as much.

Mudhugger guards are easy to attach using the four cable ties included. If you can get your little finger between your tyre and the fork crown, you should have enough clearance to fit one of these mudguards. These will fit 26, 27.5 and 29 wheels.

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