Super Deluxe Ultimate Coil DH Shock (No Spring)

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The Super Deluxe Coil Ultimate DH was designed to meet all the demands of today's ultra-capable downhill bikes. That coil spring feel paired with the unique Super Deluxe DH tuned design. Now features Maxima Plush fluid for lasting performance and ride quality. Ready to push your riding limits downhill.


  • Maxima Plush damping fluid reduces friction and silences damper noise
  • Low Speed Compression adjustment allowing fine tuning of compression needs from the base tune


Model designator (SR): Ultimate
Damper Type: RC
Rebound tune: M
Compression tune: M
Pedal tune: n/a
Lockout force: n/a
Colour (Shock body): Black
Colour (Decal): Black
Decal orientation: A
Shaft Hardware: Standard
Body Hardware: Standard
Damping adjustments: Extl begin stroke rebnd, low speed comp
Volume reducer: n/a
Check Tune: STD

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