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PressFit 46 - 30mm Bottom Bracket

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VAT included.

Not the most bling upgrade, but if you've suffered froma creaking BB, you're going to love a Hope BB. Far superior to the OE bottom brackets most bikes are sold with, and as close to a fit-and-forget-it solution as you are going to find. Hope press-fit bottom brackets feature high quality sealed cartridge bearings, the best match to Scottish trail conditions we've found. 

  • Options to suit 68mm, 73mm, 83mm and 100mm bottom bracket shell widths.
  • Available to fit 24mm and 30mm crank axles.
  • Available with replaceable stainless bearings greater durability.
  • Truvativ conversion kit available separately.
  • Cups pressed in and held in place by a screw-in centre tube to prevent slipping and play.
  • Easy to service and replaceable parts.
  • Weight from: 112g.

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