ZEB & Domain Fender

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No more zip ties! ROCKSHOX have seen the light and designed the ZEB and Domain fork ready to take this bolt on mudguard.

  • Attaches to the fork crown with three bolts.
  • Fits all ZEB and 2022 Domain forks.
  • Looks factory AF.
  • Helps keep your vision clear.
  • Helps cut down on the amount of muck your fork seals are fighting!

ROCKSHOX list this as the "Short" Zeb fender, so far there isn't a long version. We also stock a longer bolt on Zeb & Domain mudguard here.

Fitting tip - attach the side bolts first. The fork bridge has small recesses around the boltholes. Bolt one side on first (don't tighten yet), then line the opposite side up with the other recess (you might have to gently press the middle of the mudguard down) before putting the bolt in. Do the middle bolt last, then tighten the first bolt.

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