Workshop Prices

Our workshop specialises in mountain bikes. Dropper posts and hydraulic disc brakes are our speciality.

Prices exclude parts but include fluids.

Please call, email or use our Livechat function to book your bike in.

Workshop Hourly Rate : £30

Bearing Replacement:

Front Wheel Bearings £20
Rear Wheel Bearings £35
Frame Bearings Hourly rate

Component Installation

Bars £20
BB £25
Brakes (Pair) £40
Crankset £20
Forks £50
Headset £30
Shock £40

Bike Service

Bronze service - Ideal for bikes which have been unused for a while, first service of a new bike, or an overall check of a mail order bike.

  1. General check over of bike to ensure safety.
  2. Gear tune up.
  3. Bolts checked.
  4. Tyres inflated and checked for condition.

Silver Service: - Everything in the Bronze Service, plus:

  1. Inspect chain and cassette for wear and replace if required*.
  2. Inspect pads and rotors for wear and replace if required*.
  3. Inspect gear cable for wear and replace if required*.

Gold Service: Everything in Bronze & Silver Servicing, plus:

  1. Full disassemble of headset clean and regreased, replace if required*.
  2. Full disassemble of BB clean and regreased, replace if required*.
  3. Degrease and clean of drive chain components.
  4. Brakes bled and alignment checked to rotors.
  5. Replace tubeless sealant.

Gear Service

  1. Index and tune of gears.


  1. Index and tune of gears.
  2. Replacement of gear cables inner and outer.
£20 (External Routing)
£30 (Internal Routing)


  1. Index and tune gears.
  2. Replace gear cables inner and outer.
  3. Degrease and clean drive chain.
£50 (External Routing)
£60 (Internal Routing)


Brake Bleed
Brake bleed and fluid replacement.
£25 Single
£35 Pair
Brake Pad Replacement* £10 Per Brake
Brake Hose Replacement*
Excludes brake bleed
£10 (External)
£20 (Internal)


Wheel Build (Per Wheel)
Wheel Building (Per Wheel) £40
Spoke Replacement £20 First Spoke
£5 Each Additional Spoke
True & Tension (Per Wheel) £15

Tyre Fitting

Tyre Fitting (Per Tyre, inc disposal) £10 (No Insert)
£20 (With Insert)
Tubeless Set Up
Inc taping and sealant
£20 (No Insert)
£30 (No Insert)

Headset Service

Tighten and check headset bearings
  1. Tighten and check headset bearings.
  2. Clean, degrease and re-grease headset replace bearings if required.