About Us

20Twenty started out in 2004, selling BMX bikes and kit in Aberdeen. BMX bikes have 20" wheels, hence the name. The business has gradually evolved from a BMX store to the mountain bike specialists we are today as we have evolved as bike riders.

Over the years, owner Mike has made a name for himself repairing bikes and so 20Twenty BMX became 20Twenty Bike Clinic, specialising in servicing and repairs on BMX bikes and Enduro mountainbikes. Mike is well known for building strong wheels from the BMX days, and his mountain bike wheels are just as well-made.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Paul, another ex-BMXer turned enduro rider who now worked in ecommerce, was looking for a project while furloughed. The old 20TwentyStore website had served Mike well but was well over 10 years old, so it was time for a change; 20Twenty was the ideal project. Mike was still selling a respectable amount of bike parts through the old site, mainly to people who knew 20Twenty from the BMX days. We had brands like OneUp and Hope on board, and Scottish bike brand Deviate's original Highlander bike was creating huge amounts of interest. All that was missing was a modern website.

The new site went live in August 2020 and was a roaring success from the off. We'd created a monster though, and we needed more space. Mountainbiking was growing as a sport and while there were some excellent bike shops in the North East, there wasn't a specialist just dealing with mountain bikes. Mike's workshop was as busy as ever, and we knew we had a loyal customer base around Aberdeenshire. The next step was to open another shop.

Lewis came on board as Shop Manager and business partner, and we opened the Banchory store in February 2021. Yet another ex-BMXer, Lewis and Mike go way back - Lewis worked in the shop in the BMX days. Located a stone's throw from Scolty Hill, one of Aberdeenshire's iconic riding spots, the new store served as a workshop and mail order base, as well as a showroom for bikes and parts.

We've added some awesome brands to our range, but we're proud to say we only stock what we ride ourselves. We ride the bikes we sell, and our bikes all have OneUp and Hope Tech parts.

We wouldn't be here without the support of a great bunch of customers and friends, as well as our suppliers, most notably OneUp Components and Deviate Cycles.


Isaac 20Twenty Store Staff


Young Isaac is an Aboyne local. He's been proving himself as an up-and-coming racer at local enduros and getting himself involved in trail building.

Lewis 20Twenty Store Staff


Lewis worked in the Aberdeen BMX store “back in the day” and came on board as a business partner when we opened the Banchory store in 2021. Like Mike and Paul, Lewis can't quite bring himself to part with his 20" bike, despite it mostly being a dust-gathering device these days.

Living on the edge of Scolty, Lewis is the ATA representative for the area, and rides his Transition Relay and Claymore up there pretty frequently.

The highlight of Lewis' time at 20Twenty was when Neil lost the van keys after the Fort William SES, and we all spent an hour searching for them, only for the keys to have been in Lewis's pocket the whole time.

Mike 20Twenty Store Staff


Mike started 20Twenty way back in 2004, opening a BMX store in Aberdeen. Years of building wheels that could take the abuse of BMX has made Mike an expert in building wheels up to enduro riding.

No slouch on a bike, Mike won the 2019 Vets class of the SES, was part of the team that won the 2022 Teams class of the SES, and he's joint winner of the 2023 Vets eBike class of the Aberdeenshire Enduro Series. Mike's current bikes are a Transition Repeater and Nukeproof Mega 290.

Paul 20Twenty Store Staff


Web guy Paul works remotely, with frequent visits to the North East to escape the increasingly busy Tweed Valley!

Paul has known Mike since the BMX days, moving on to bigger bikes around the same time as Mike. Living in Innerleithen, Paul has some of the UK's finest enduro trails on his door step and manages to ride most days, usually on his Marin Rift Zone CXR.

Aside from riding and being the web guy, Paul is a board member of the local trails association, the TVTA.