The Yeti SB135 stands out for its lively and playful nature. Unlike a typical one-dimensional play bike, the SB135 adapts seamlessly to diverse riding scenarios. It excels not only in its ability to navigate singletrack, but also in handling alpine adventures, embracing side hits with equal enthusiasm. The low-slung top tube is ideal for those who crave space for manoeuvres or simply desire a more accommodating fit.

    Yeti has gone the extra mile for smaller riders by developing a completely different frame for the small and extra small sizes. This specialized design prioritizes minimizing stand-over height, maximizing seat post insertion, and ensures space for a water bottle. The forward shock mount shift to the downtube, a more compact shock linkage, and a unique swing arm characterize the engineering marvels of the small and extra small SB135s, accommodating riders as short as 4'11".

    Internally routed cable tubes with secure closures eliminate rattles and cable rub, providing an intuitive cable management solution for both mechanical and wireless drivetrains and dropper setups.

    Keeping pace with modern advancements, the SB135 accommodates long dropper posts. The shortened seat tube allows for longer dropper posts, and most riders on X-Small and Small frames will be able to run a 150 mm drop post, medium frames 175 mm, and L-XL frames supporting 200 mm or more.

    The wishbone shock extender not only lowers already low-slung top tubes but also facilitates leverage ratio tuning while maintaining optimal kinematics. The innovative shock removal process is simplified, thanks to an all-new link nested within the mainframe, ensuring a stiffer pivot and a sleeker appearance.

    For those on XS frames, the SB135 boasts hot lap water bottle clearance.

    Small vs Large Comparison

    Yeti SB135 Small Mountain Bike Frame - Compare To Large
    Yeti SB135 Large Mountain Bike Frame - Compare To Small

    Yeti SB135 Geometry & Sizing

    Yeti SB135 Geometry

    Sizes in MM XS S M L XL
    A: Stack 583 592 597 606 616
    B: Reach 400 430 460 479 504
    C: Head Tube
    65.5° 65.5° 65.5° 65.5° 65.5°
    D: Head Tube
    92 101 107 118 129
    E: Effective
    Seat Tube Angle
    77° 77° 77° 77° 77°
    F: Seat Tube
    345 365 400 440 470
    G: Effective
    Top Tube
    534 566 598 620 647
    H: BB Height 337 337 337 337 337
    I: BB Drop          
    J: Chainstay Length 429 431 433 435 437
    K: Wheelbase 1128 1164 1199 1225 1257
    L: Standover 675 678 714 718 722
    Size Rider Height
    XS 145 cm -160 cm
    S 155 cm -170 cm
    M 165 cm – 180 cm
    L 178 cm – 191 cm
    XL 185 cm – 201 cm