Banchory Store Opening

Our new store at Scott Skinner Square in Banchory will be opening its doors at the end of February 2021. We'll be sticking to whatever Covid restrictions are in place, but we're excited to be making it public, and we're going to have a lot of very cool stuff to show you!

Scott Skinner Square is pretty unusual, with lots of seating areas and artwork. The square has a chilled out, artsy feel to it that we think will be a nice place to come to and chill at after riding. You can actually see Scolty Hill from the square.

The shop itself is going to be pretty cool, we're not going to give too much away just yet, but it won't be your typical bike shop. We've collaborated with a few people we've worked with in the past to come up with something unique that we think you'll love. You'll need to come and take a look, but please don't share any photos just yet.

20Twenty Store Sign

We're sticking to what we know, Banchory already has a couple of bike shops who are doing a great job of road and more mainstream bikes and that's not really our thing. We're planning on adding another bike brand to Deviate and Marin (details to be announced soon!). Our Deviate demo bikes will also be based at the shop should you wish to arrange a test ride.

Mike, Lewis and our part-timer (who local riders will all know!), will be in the store to help with anything enduro related or point you in the right direction if you're new to riding in the area.