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Warranty & Replacements

As riders ourselves, we stand by every product we sell. Should you have a problem with anything you've bought from us, in the first instance, please get in touch, and we'll advise on the quickest way to resolve any issues.

The following manufacturers policies are in addition to the statutory rights that apply when you buy anything from 20Twenty Store.


All Deviate Cycles frames come with a lifetime warranty. This warranty comes with some important conditions.

Deviate want you to have peace of mind when purchasing a Deviate. Deviate produce high end carbon frames and stand behind their product 100% with a lifetime warranty. Saying that, in return Deviate expect you to maintain your frame and not use it beyond it’s intended limits.

If Deviate's analysis (or your honesty) suggests abnormal loading, for example due to casing downhill style jumps on a trail bike - then the Deviate crash damage replacement policy will apply. Deviate's engineering team have extensive experience with carbon fibre failure analysis so their decision is final.

The following conditions apply to the lifetime warranty:

  • Lifetime Warranty is only valid for manufacturing defects.
  • Applies to frame-set and machined parts.
  • Valid for intended and appropriate use only.
  • Warranty only applies to the original owner with proof of purchase.
  • Does not include any work associated with warranty process (i.e. stripping down or re-building a replaced frame).
  • Does not include import tax or duty when shipping outside the UK.
  • If a replacement is required Deviate will endeavour to replace like for like - but if this is not possible they may offer an alternative.
  • Subject to the below exclusions.


  • Wear and tear.
  • Paintwork. 2 year warranty applies to paintwork manufacturing defects. Custom painting voids the frame warranty except where carried out by an authorised paint-shop or where written authorisation is obtained from Deviate. Where an authorised paint-shop is used, Deviate take no liability for this work and will be not liable for any costs incurred due to a separate warranty claim, for example where re-painting may be required due to a replacement part.
  • Where clear protection is applied, this voids any warranty Deviate supply on the paintwork including any damage to the existing paint occurring during removal or fitting.
  • Cable rub and other friction damage.
  • Bearings and other “wear parts” i.e. the idler wheel and seals.
  • Damage occurring due to insufficient maintenance or poor treatment. Refer to the manual for maintenance instructions.
  • The fitment of incompatible parts voids the warranty. For the avoidance of doubt, forks beyond the travel range quoted for a frame are deemed incompatible, as are wheel sized that are not quoted for the frame or 3rd party linkages.
  • Damage occurring due to the seizing of bolts or components due to insufficient maintenance or over-tightening. To be clear if lack of maintenance causes the linkage or bearings to seize and this results in damage to the frame, this is not covered.
  • Damage occurring as a result of over-torqueing, cross threading or other mis-fitting of components. Refer to manual for tightening torques.
  • Damage occurring due to impact damage of any description.
  • Damage occurring where another vehicle or bicycle is involved.
  • Damage occurring due to extreme temperature exposure (cold night rides okay, liquid nitrogen not okay | hot deserts okay, blowtorch not okay).
  • Any component not manufactured by Deviate Cycles (i.e. rear shock and other build parts). Refer to relevant manufacture for warranty details.
  • Crash damage (see crash replacement policy) and other damage caused by the environment (i.e. rock strikes).
  • Beyond intended/appropriate use. i.e. using a trail bike for downhill riding.
  • Professional competitive use.
  • Deliberate damage, including attempted theft.
  • Damage that occurs during transit (i.e. by an airline or in a vehicle).

Functioning of Warranty:

It is Deviate's decision if either the bike must be returned to us for inspection or photos must be provided. The frame must be stripped of all non warranty components and cleaned. You will be charged for the pickup service and if the warranty is confirmed, the shipping cost will be refunded in full. If the warranty case is declined, then you will be charged for return shipping, if required.

Deviate's decision is final on warranty matters. Your statutory rights are not affected.

For questions or to claim on the warranty, please email

Deviate offer a damage replacement policy in situations whereby our lifetime warranty does not apply. Deviate will replace, at minimal cost* any part that Deviate manufacture that has become damaged during a crash or other riding situations including rock strikes and impact damage. To sum up - Deviate do not intend to profit from your misfortune.

At Deviate's discretion, they will extend this to situations whereby damage has been caused by misuse, poor maintenance and fitting (i.e. bearing seizing or over-torquing). Damage by 3rd parties will also be considered (i.e. attempted theft or an airline mishandling).

In exceptional circumstances and with documentary proof (i.e. police report) Deviate may consider extending this policy to theft situations.

This policy is valid only for the original owner. This policy does not apply where there is a policy in place to insure against the damage. Photos and other evidence may be required before a replacement is issued. Deviate Cycles will not be liable for any workshop costs associated with the claim, i.e. the strip down or re-build of the replaced frame/components. You are liable for the cost of all shipping.

* Minimal cost is an endeavour not to profit from your misfortune. It will be calculated on a case by case basis and will cover the total manufacturing and supply cost to Deviate of the affected component.


Marin offer a lifetime warranty on rigid frames and a 5-year warranty on full suspension frames for the original owner. Like our other brands, the warranty covers material defects and workmanship but not wear and tear, crash damage or poor maintenance!

The lifetime warranty on rigid frames (for our purposes, hardtails), has the caveat that bicycles have an unquantifiable useful product life. The useful life span of a bicycle is affected by riding style, riding conditions, frame material and construction, and other factors. The warranty period offered by Marin does not guarantee that the bicycle will last forever, or for the life span of the original purchaser.

You can read the full Marin Warranty policy here.

Marin have an Assisted Purchase scheme for customers who have damaged their bikes through a crash or if they are not the original owner. Depending on the age and condition of the bike this is typically around 20-30% off the RRP.


The Transition Lifetime Warranty is in addition to the statutory rights that apply when you buy anything from 20Twenty Store.

Transition Bikes take pride in the quality of their products. Transition frames are manufactured to withstand the rigours and abuse modern mountain bike trails can dish out. That said, anything can break given just the right amount of time, wear, or misfortune. Everyone at Transition Bikes is committed to keeping you riding, and they realize every warranty and or crash replacement situation is unique. It is Transition's top priority to get you up and running as quickly as possible with a fair and honest solution, regardless of the situation.

To view your bike's warranty policy, please visit the Transition Support Page and select your model and version/year.

These policies apply to the original owner only. Transition Bikes will repair or replace any original purchasers individual frame parts or complete frame at their discretion.

You must register your frame on the Transition site with your serial number and provide proof of purchase to qualify for a warranty. In the event of an issue with your frame, Transition Bikes will determine whether it qualifies as a "Warranty Issue" or is covered under their "Crash Replacement Policy" (see below for details).

Transition warranty policy does not cover:

  • Any labour costs associated to the warranty claim.
  • Modifications from stock configuration.
  • Normal wear-and-tear damage.
  • Paint damage caused by the removal of protective tapes or adhesives.

In addition to the warranty, Transition offer a crash replacement scheme. Whether you bought your frame new or second hand, should you damage it, Transition will do their best to replace the damaged part for the best price they can, assuming the part is still available.

If Transition do not have the piece available, they will attempt to work out a crash replacement price on a replacement frame set. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs to get the frame to and from Transition Bikes.


All Yeti frames 2019 or newer, including the Switch Infinity link, are covered for life against damage due to manufacturing defects for the original purchaser from an authorized Yeti Cycles dealer. Paint and finish are covered for 1-year. Yeti will repair or replace, at their discretion, any frame they deemed defective.

There are a few conditions: you must register it online at and you must take it to an authorized Yeti Cycles dealer for processing.

Warranty does not cover damage due to ordinary wear and tear, neglect or intentional destruction. Lifetime Warranty applies to all frames (2019 and newer). Model year 2018 and older frames will be covered under Yeti's previous warranty (5-year or 2-year based on time of purchase).

If you happen to have a crash or non-warranty situation, Yeti will get you back on the trail with a reasonable replacement price. The same conditions apply as with the Yeti warranty.