R-Core Pants

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R-Core pants are our favourite riding trousers. Most of the trousers are made with tough 600d material, with 4-way stretch panels in key areas, so they don't feel draggy when you're pedalling. The top half of the R-Code pants have a mesh lining, so the material doesn't grip to you, and they're easy to put on or take off over knee pads. There's enough ventilation to stop you melting.

There's a zipped pocket on the left thigh that's big enough for a phone so long as it's not too huge. The waist fastening involves a metal hook looping through a selection of fabric hoops. The R-Core pants feel really secure when they're on, if you're used to other brands slipping down a bit when you're pedalling, you're going to love this fastening system.

Why it took so long for anyone to bring a pair of trousers you could pedal in to the market is surely one of mountain bikings great mysteries.  If you've never tried them, you're going to love the difference they make on cold or muddy days!

  • DWR polyester 600d fabric.
  • 4-way stretch woven panelling.
  • Stretch mesh venting increases airflow and mobility.
  • Mountaineering inspired adjustable waist closure.
  • Fade-resistant sublimated graphics.
  • Internal mesh lining provides additional comfort and prevents chafing.
  • Zipped pocket for security of essentials.

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