Racer Tubeless Tyre Repair

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The Dynaplug Racer is a tiny, lightweight, easy and quick way to plug tubeless tyre holes that are too big for sealant.

The CNC'd tube keeps two different sized plugs sealed in prime condition, ready to go when you need it.  When you need to plug your tyre, remove whatever caused the hole, unscrew the cover and push the insertion tool into the hole.

The double ended tool has one standard plug and one mega plug to fill different sized holes. The soft brass tip won't damage your rim.

  • Fast and easy to seal tubeless tyres.
  • Non-abrasive brass tip won't damage tape of rims.
  • CNC'd ends seal the plugs to keep them in prime condition.
  • Just 93 mm  and 23 g!
  • Made in the USA.
  • Kit includes:
    • 1 x Dynaplug® Racer tool.
    • 3 x Regular Plugs (Pointed tip).
    • 2 x Megaplugs (Bullet tip).
    • 2 x Insertion tubes.

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Great handy tool

Great handy tool for a quick tyre repair for tubeless riders

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