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Spire Alloy Frame

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Bike and frame supply has vastly improved since the pandemic, but pre-ordering is still essential for some models and sizes. Hope HB916 frames are made to order too, so we have updated our pandemic bike deposit policy to take the current situation into consideration.

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Deposits are non-refundable, except for when an ETA date changes by a month or more. If it looks like the date might change, we will do our best to find you an alternative.

If a bike arrives earlier than expected, it will be offered to the person with the oldest outstanding deposit, then the second, and so on. We'll then offer the bike to anyone with a similar bike on order. We should point out that this is a rare occurrence!

Bikes and frames up to £3500 require a £500 deposit.
Bikes over £3500 require a £1000 deposit.

We ring-fence deposits in a separate bank account until the balance of the bike or frame is paid, then the bike or frame is delivered.

We've tried to be as honest and open about the situation as it stands and not make promises we know we are not in the position to fulfil! We have great relationships with our suppliers, and we will work with them and you to try to get you your bike as soon as possible.

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Custom-built bikes can be delivered in kit form (for you to assemble) - we can include shipping to your country in your quote.

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Cycle To Work is a Government Initiative to encourage cycling to work. The idea is that by cycling to work, you get fitter and healthier, and at the same time reduce congestion and improve air quality.

In simplest terms, your employer pays for the bike, and you hire it from them through salary deductions. At the end of the hire period, the employer can sell you the bike. (Until the bike is paid for, you hire it from your employer, so don't get fired).

Your employer might administer the scheme themselves, or use a third party like one of the following:

Green Commute Initiative
Cycle Solutions
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If your employer doesn't offer Cycle To Work as a benefit, you can send them this employer information from the Government that outlines how it all works.

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The Spire is Transition's all new 170 mm 29er with the latest version of Transitions “Giddy Up” suspension platform, with improved small bump sensitivity and mid-stroke support.

The new Spire's frame has a flip chip at the lower shock mount, and adjustment at the head tube, with a ZS56/ZS56 press fit headset, which you can replace with an angleset to change reach or head tube angle.

Chainstay length increases on the XL and XXL size frames, from 446 mm on the S, M and L bikes to 452 on the XL and XXL bikes, and there's clearance for a 2.6 tyre.

This alloy frame kit includes a ZS56/ZS56 headset and a Fox X2 shock.

We specialize in custom-built enduro bikes! If you're starting a fresh build or upgrading a few parts as you build up a bike around this frame, get in touch - there's a good chance we'll be able to do you an awesome deal!

Read more about the new Transition Spire here.

  • High and low geometry options via lower shock mount flip chip.
  • Two chainstay lengths, short on S, M & L and long on XL & XXL.
  • New oversized parallel headtube enabling the use of reach or angle adjustment headsets.
  • Frame protection on chainstay, seat stay and downtube “shuttle guard”.
  • EnduroMAX frame bearings.


Frame 6061 Heat Treated Aluminium, Geo Adjustment Chip, Accessory Mount, Size Specific Chainstays, Collet Main Pivot, Enduro MAX Bearings with Additional Bearing Shields, GiddyUp Suspension Platform, Moulded Downtube and Ribbed Chainstay Protector, UDH (Universal Deraileur Hanger), 170 mm Travel, 31.6 mm Seatpost, 148x12 mm Boost Rear Axle, 180 mm Post Mount Brake Mount, 73 mm Threaded BSA BB
Rear Suspension Fox Float X2 Factory, 2 Position Open/Firm Lever, Adjustable HSC - LSC - HSR - LSR 205x65 Trunnion
Headset FSA No 55R/57

Geometry & Sizing

Transition Spire Geometry
Sizes in MM S
A: Stack 619/624 619/624 628/633 637/642 646/651
B: Reach 430/425 460/455 485/480 510/505 535/530
C: Head Tube
63/62.5° 63/62.5° 63/62.5° 63/62.5° 63/62.5°
D: Head Tube
100 100 110 120 130
E: Effective
Seat Tube Angle
79.6/79.1° 78.8/78.3° 78.1/77.6° 77.5/77° 77.2/76.7°
F: Seat Tube
360 390 430 460 490
G: Effective
Top Tube
547/550 577/580 605/608 633/636 661/664
H: BB Height 350/343 350/343 350/343 350/343 350/343
I: BB Drop 25/32 25/32 25/32 25/32 25/32
J: Chainstay Length 446/448 446/448 446/448 446/448 446/448
K: Wheelbase 1227/1229 1257/1259 1287/1289 1322/1324 1352/1354
L: Standover 685/680 700/695 715/710 730/725 745/740
M: Fork Offset 44 44 44 44 44
Seatpost Diameter 31.6 31.6 31.6 31.6 31.6


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