Hope Press Fit BB 83mm External Bearings BBPF468330SSN
Hope Press Fit BB 73mm External Bearings BBPF467330SSN
Hope Press Fit BB 83mm Internal Bearings BBPF468330SSNS
Hope Press Fit BB Internal Bearing 68-73mm BBPF467330SSNS
Hope Press Fit BB 100mm External Bearings BBPF4610030SSN
Hope Press Fit BB 68mm External Bearings BBPS466830SSN
Hope Press Fit BB 79mm BBright BBPF467930SSN
Hope Press Fit BB 386 EVO BBPF468630SSN

PressFit 46 - 30mm Bottom Bracket

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Not the most bling upgrade, but if you've suffered from a creaking BB, you're going to love a Hope BB. Far superior to the OE bottom brackets most bikes are sold with, and as close to a fit-and-forget-it solution as you are going to find. Hope press-fit bottom brackets feature high quality sealed cartridge bearings, the best match to Scottish trail conditions we've found.

  • Options to suit 68 mm, 73 mm, 83 mm and 100 mm bottom bracket shell widths.
  • Available to fit 24 mm and 30 mm crank axles.
  • Available with replaceable stainless bearings for greater durability.
  • Truvativ conversion kit available separately.
  • Cups pressed in and held in place by a screw-in centre tube to prevent slipping and play.
  • Easy to service and replaceable parts.
  • Weight from: 112g.

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