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OneUp loved the simplicity and clean look of Axle F so they made Axle R to match. Using a solid 7075-T6 rod rather than a hollow tube makes this the strongest possible rear axle design while still being lighter than a stock 12 mm thru axle with integrated lever.

Since you're probably already carrying an EDC V2 Tool on your bike, you can do away with the QR altogether, avoiding the opportunity for it to fail when you are in the middle of nowhere!

Add a coloured cap kits to match your Axle R to your bike.


  • Lighter than stock 12 mm thru axles with integrated lever or QR.
  • 7075-T6 Solid rod design for maximum stiffness and strength.
  • Low profile head won't get caught on trail-side obstacles.
  • 5 mm and 6 mm hex interfaces.
  • All common axle length/thread combinations covered.


  • You need to know both your axle length and axle thread pitch to select your new OneUp axle. These are both specific to your frame. Hub spacing (e.g. 142x12) does not denote your axle size. Your axle length and pitch might be laser etched on your existing axle (e.g. 178 x 1.5). Check here first. If your axle size is not marked, check with your frame manufacturer. Axle specs are not usually listed on website specs.
  • NOT compatible with tapered "Syntace X-12" style axles


Stock: Black
Optional colours caps (sold separately): Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red


  • 166-172MM M12X1 - 55g
  • 172-178MM M12X1.5 - 57g
  • 174-180MM M12X1.75 - 58g
  • 192-198MM M12X1.75 - 63g

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