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EDC Tool V2

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Updated V2 Version! The best on-bike storage multi tool is now even better.

OneUp have refined the design of the original EDC Tool, making the tool even tougher and easier to use.

The new design is easier to remove from your bike, something cold, wet hands will appreciate. The chain breaker is easier to use and now has a steel body. The spoke keys are also stronger and there's a new, smaller storage capsule option, ideal for the tubeless plug jabber.

The tool is backward-compatibly designed to fit in the same way as the V1 EDC Tool, inside the steerer or inside an EDC Pump. If fitting in the steerer, you can either use an EDC Stem Cap or an EDC Threadless Carrier. Just as with the original, if you are local to Banchory, we offer a OneUp EDC fitting service for £10. 

  • Easier to remove from your bike, with a lower friction design.
  • Updated chain breaker is easier to use and has a steel body for increased durability.
  • Stronger steel spoke keys.
  • Black multi-tool.
  • Tubeless plug jabber cover (Small storage capsule).

EDC Tool Features

  • 20 Functions.
  • Weight: 130g.
  • Multi tool, tyre lever, chain breaker.

EDC Multi Tool Features

  • 10 Functions.
  • Weight: 58g.
  • No loose, easy to lose rattly bits!
  • Ultra compact and lightweight.
  • 2,2.5,3,4,5,6,8 mm Hex Keys.
  • T25 Torx.
  • Flat head screwdriver.
  • EDC Top Cap tool.

EDC Tyre Lever/Chain Breaker Features

  • Tyre lever.
  • Chain breaker.
  • 0,1,2,3 Spoke keys.
  • Presta valve core remover.
  • Spare rotor bolt.

EDC Carrier Features

  • Spare quick link storage.
  • 12,16,20g CO2 storage OR choice of 2 storage capsules.

The V2 EDC tool now comes with a small and a large sealed storage capsule.

The new small capsule is used to cover your jabber and preloaded bacon strip keeping it sticky for longer. The small capsule can be used with EDC Threaded options. It also allows you to use the EDC tool and tubeless plug kit inside the small 70cc OneUp pump. The large capsule only fits inside an EDC Threaded setup, EDC Stem or 100cc pump. The small capsule can be installed inside the large capsule for separating items.

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