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Carbon E-Bar

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NEW Carbon handlebar optimized for eBikes using Shimano Steps motors.

This isn’t just an existing bar with a lightning bolt sticker on it. The new OneUp Carbon E-Bar is a totally new design specifically for E-Bikes. The E-Bar is OneUp's most compliant handlebar yet. It's strong and lightweight. But what sets it apart is how it minimizes arm pump and vibration while maximizing steering response. OneUp say the new bar is about 5% more compliant than their standard carbon handlebar.
The Carbon E-Bar takes the patented oval bar profile of the OneUp Carbon Handlebar to the next level, delivering even more vibration damping. The oval bar profile narrows to just 20 mm to maximize vertical compliance. For reference, the thinnest portion of a traditional handlebar is 22.2 mm.
The OneUp Carbon E-Bar has internal routing for Shimano STEPS switch units, and it’s tested to the very demanding Zedler E-MTB Advanced Plus standard and the international DH standard (ASTM Cat. 5 Downhill).

  • Dimensions: 800 mm wide / 35 mm diameter/ 8° backsweep / 5° upsweep / 238g
  • Stealth Routing:Wire ports & grooves for controller
  • Max Stem Clamp Width: 65 mm
  • Max Stem Clamp Torque: 6 Nm
  • Max Lever Clamp Torque: 5 Nm
  • Minimum Trim width: 740 mm

Please note - the stealth cable routing requires a minimum remote cable length of 650 mm.

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