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Dropper Post Remote Lever V3

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OneUp have added refinements to the existing V2 dropper remote, plus the option of adding a bit of colour with new replaceable thumb pads.

This new remote lever has a lighter action cam, requiring 27% less pressure to operate. A new cable port with integrated cut marks makes installation even easier and lets you install the lever without a cable crimp for a cleaner look.

With a refined, lighter action remote which fits the same clamps as the V2 remote lever, this is a quick and easy upgrade. If you already have a V2 OneUp dropper lever and want to upgrade, this is the only part you need.

  • Lever body, cable, and cable ends only - requires clamp.
  • Can be used with other brands of cable operated dropper posts.
  • 27% less pressure required than the V2 dropper post lever.
  • Clamps to suit brakes using Shimano I-Spec-II, I-Spec-EV, SRAM MMX mounts or standard handlebars.
  • Weight with I-Spec-EV mount - 45g
  • Thumb pads are available in black (included), red, blue, green, orange, purple, or turquoise.


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