OneUp V3 Dropper Post Replacement Travel Pins

V3 Travel Shims Kit


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Don't get stuck between dropper sizes. The unique OneUp travel adjust shims allow you to custom tune your OneUp Components V3 Dropper Post by lowering the travel and extended length of your post by either 10 mm or 20 mm. A 180 mm travel post can be reduced in travel to either 170 mm or 160 mm with this shim kit.

Drop tuning can be done on-bike, tool free, and without removing the saddle or touching a shock pump. Lowering the post travel also increases bushing overlap and alignment pin length, which is great for heavier riders.

  • 210 mm Dropper Post - adjustable down to 190 mm
  • 180 mm Dropper Post - adjustable down to 160 mm
  • 150 mm Dropper Post - adjustable down to 130 mm
  • 120 mm Dropper Post - adjustable down to 100 mm


Compatible with OneUp Components Dropper v3 posts only.



1. Unscrew the post collar by hand and slide it up towards the seatpost head. Then gently press the remote lever to pop the upper bushing (White part) out of the lower post. Then slide this bushing up towards the seatpost head.

2. Drop your saddle to a mid-stroke position at least 75 mm below full extension. Install all 3 10 mm pin shims by sliding them into the lower tube grooves below the upper bushing. 

3. Lower the upper bushing and ensure you can push it fully into the lower tube by hand (if you can't, you may need to drop the seat a bit more). Reinstall the seat collar by hand. Extend the post fully. Your post is now 10 mm shorter.

Repeat this process to add another 3 pin shims stacked on top of the first 3 to shorten the post by 20 mm.

4. Raise your entire post to a comfortable ride/climbing height and pedal around in your riding shoes/kit to make sure it is correct.

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