Super Deluxe Ultimate RC2T Coil Shock (No Spring)

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NEW FOR 2023! Part of the completely revised ROCKSHOX enduro and trail suspension line up, the updated Super Deluxe Ultimate Coil Shock is an all-new version of our best-selling coil shock.

New features include an easily adjustable, 5 position adjustable hydraulic bottom out, which allows you to tune the last 20% of shock travel.

Just like other forks and shocks in the 2023 ROCKSHOX suspension range, the new Super Deluxe air and coil shocks  have new damping circuits that separate high and low speed compression damping.

Model: Super Deluxe Ultimate Coil RC2T B1

  • Standard or Trunnion mount.
  • Tune - Linear Rebound/Low Compression.
  • Adjustable hydraulic bottom out.
  • 320 lb lockout threshold.
  • Uses same springs as the previous model.
  • New chassis is 21% stronger than previous version.

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