ZEB Ultimate Charger 3 RC2 Fork

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NEW FOR 2023! Part of the completely revised ROCKSHOX enduro and trail suspension line up, the updated ZEB Ultimate has the latest Charger 3 damper and Debonair+ air spring.

Updates include:

  • New Charger 3 damper completely separates high and low speed damping.
  • ButterCups in each leg eliminate trail vibrations.
  • Pressure release valves on the fork lowers.
  • Boost / 44 mm offset only.
  • Quieter, reduced friction Maxima Plush lube.
  • Torque Cap compatible (optional standard end cap spacers).
Included in the box:
  • Bolt on fender.
  • 2 bottomless tokens,
  • Star nut.
  • Maxle Stealth.

In order to improve small bump sensitivity, ROCKSHOX developed "ButterCups", small elastomers that take up the initial movement in both sides so the fork. ROCKSHOX have measured a reduction in high frequency trail vibrations of 20%.

Normally, high and low speed damping effect each other. ROCKSHOX developed a completly new IFP for the new Charger 3 Damper which completely decouples the high and low speed damping circuits. The new damper has a wide range of adjustment, so it will cover all weights and riding styles. 

Low speed compression - 15 clicks 

High speed compression - 5 clicks 

Rebound - 18 clicks 

The new damper can be retrofitted to the original ZEB fork.

ROCKSHOX focussed on small pump sensitivity and as a result increased the air volume of the new DebonAir+ spring.

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