TTX 22 DU Bushing

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TTX 22 shocks can be mounted in two ways, either using a low friction DU bush or a spherical bearing. Most bikes will require a spherical bushing & kit at one end of the shock, with a DU bushing at the other, in which case you'll need this bush, the spherical bearing, spherical bearing hardware and the hardware kit for this DU bush. If you are buying a new shock, you don't need to order this as there's a bush included in the box.

Öhlins have a very cool tool which will tell you what shock, fittings and spring you should order here. If you are in any doubt, contact us, or leave a note with your order telling us the year, make and model of your bike and we'll check.

There's only one size of bush for all Öhlins TTX shocks.