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The ultimate tyre lever!

Some tyre and rim combinations can be a bit of a nightmare to fit tyre inserts to. Some tyre and rim combinations are a nightmare even before you've brought tyre inserts into the equation! This tyre lever has been specifically designed to make fitting struggles a thing of the past.

The Cushcore Bead Dropper significantly helps fit and removal of tyres with Cushcore inserts, especially pushing the bead into the rim channel. The lever features a unique thumb flange to help you apply pressure to the tyre bead.

  • Tough - manufacturers lifetime warranty.
  • Comfortable - ergonomic rubberized handle.
  • Durable - the heave duty plastic lever won't damage your rims.

Worth every penny to stop the skinned knuckles and swearing!

Bead Dropper Instructions

Use the bead dropper to push directly downward, dropping the bead under the CushCore insert and into the rim well.

This step will relieve tension on the bead, making installation and removal easier.

Cushcore Bead Dropper Instructions

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