Pro Tyre Inserts - Pair

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CushCore's original full-performance tyre inserts, this is the best choice for trail, enduro and DH use. Aside from protecting your rims from impacts, CushCore supports tyre sidewalls, both of which let you run lower tyre pressures for better grip. CushCore suggest running between 1 and 5 psi lower tyre pressures.

Most riders probably know about the benefit of running inserts to save tyre and rim damage when the suspension takes big hits, but CushCore also have research data that shows using their tyre inserts help your suspension work better through medium hits, where the tyre inserts isn't deformed enough to be protecting the rim.  Basically, CushCore equipped tyres absorb bumps better than tubeless only set-ups.

  • Kit includes 2 x inserts, 2 x 44 mm valves, valve core tool, instructions and stickers.
  • Suits tyres from 2.1"- 2.6" and internal rim widths of 22-35 mm.
  • Weight
    • 27.5 250g per tyre.
    • 29 26g per tyre.

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