Deore XT 11 Speed Mech RD-M8000

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The best balance of price vs function for 11 speed drivetrains. If you're running 1x11 or 2x11, you almost certainly want the medium cage (GS) version.

  • Deore XT Shadow+ Dyna-Sys11 11-speed rear derailleur delivers reliable and precise shifting with a stiff and lightweight open design.
  • Shadow+ features a super low profile design that reduces the risk of damage from trail side hazards.
  • The Shadow + chain stabilizer tension can easily be adjusted externally via a hex key.
  • Shadow + is Shimano's name for what we call a clutch, Shadow + uses a chain stabilising switch that when on will reduce chain bounce in rough terrain,  maintaining more stable drive and shifting. This can be switched off to remove the wheel.
  • Shadow design slant angle has been optimized for use with 40-46T sprockets.
  • Direct cable routing prevents snagging from any trail side hazards.
  • Four fluorine-coated link pin bushings make this one of the slickest shifting derailleurs on the trails.
  • High rigidity wide outer link braces the pulley body to increase pivot joint rigidity resulting in a crisp shift.
  • Strong return spring for a positive shifting feel.
  • Durable sealed bearing pulleys.
  • Maximum largest sprocket:
    • GS (Medium) range: 42t (2x11). 46t (1x11)
    • SGS (Long) range: 40t (3x11), 42t (2x11). 46t (1x11)
  • Weight:
    • GS: 271g
    • SGS: 275g


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