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Pick N Mix Headset Top

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Pick 'n' Mix headsets to suit pretty much every modern mountain bike set up. Choose top and bottom cups separately to get the right fit for your bike, and knock yourself out with 6 different colours to choose from.

Hope headsets use custom stainless bearings and superb seals to deal with the worst of UK weather like no other headset!

  • Top and bottom headset cups, available separately, allowing Hope headsets to fit almost any frame and fork combination.
  • Headset cups use custom-made, replaceable stainless steel bearings to resist corrosion.
  • The cups are all machined from 2014 T6 aluminium.
  • Sealing is achieved through an adjustable taper ring cover and integrated rubber seal.
  • Available in black, silver, red, blue, purple, and orange.

CUP A = 14 mm
CUP E = 6 mm
CUP F = 14 mm
CUP H = 14 mm
CUP 1 = 17 mm (Inc 3 shims)
CUP 2 = 8 mm (Inc 3 shims)
CUP 7= 8.5 mm (No shims)
CUP 9 = 9 mm (No shims)

Cup 9 is a new addition to suit bikes like 2022+ Transition Spires and Patrols with 1.5 steerers and normal tapered forks.

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