Bjorn v2.1 Lock-On Grips

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New at 20Twenty - change your grips with a clear conscience! ODI and Bjorn make these new grips from material left over from making other grips.

ODI gather the material left over from making other grips and recycle it to make the Bjorn grips. The recycled grips keep 95% of the durability and feel. The grips have a shape to help with comfort, with a saddle on the underside of the grip and an offset palm design. ODI's V2.1 Lock-On system keeps the grips secure and makes installation a doddle.


  • Made from ODI's recycled proprietary compound material.
  • Offset design, giving you more padding where you need it and less where you don't!
  • Version 2.1 Lock On System ensures, 100% slip free performance.
  • Reinforced plastic ends to help prevent grip blowout.
  • Textured pads for added comfort.
  • Saddle on underside for more comfortable thumb placement while riding.

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