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Composite Pedals

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Huge, super grippy platform pedals. The combination of the large size, good length pins and slightly concave shape gives these pedals a secure feel. Thin, chafered  leading edges are give you as much pedal clearance ass possible and help deflect rock strikes. There's also the advantage that plastic pedals don't lose their colour like alloy pedals when they've hit a few rocks or had some wear.

  • 10 rear loading Steel pins / side, with Nyloc nuts.
  • DU plus cartridge bearing axle system.
  • Thin leading edge chamfered design to deflect off obstacles.
  • Wide platform design for increased stability.
  • Contoured shape provides ultimate connected feel.
  • Weight: 355g.
  • Platform Size: 115x105mm.
  • # of Pins: 10 per side.
  • Axle Material: Black chromoly steel.
  • Height: 18.5mm (13.3 at the leading edge).
  • Pin to Axle distance: 108mm.
  • Color: Stealth Black, Red, Blue, Orange.
  • Body Material: Nylon Composite