Rimpact Pro v2 Tyre Insert Set
Rimpact Pro v2 Tyre Insert Set

Rimpact Pro v2 Tyre Insert Set


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Updated v2 version of the perfect Enduro tyre inserts. Compared to the previous version, these inserts are bout 5 mm wider, so they are better suited to the current range of larger volume tyres.

The "Pro" version of the Rimpact insert adds more protection with a layer of Energy Sensitive foam which hardens on impact. Rimpact found that a mix of two types of foam gave the best protection, after test showed that one layer of the dense material was too dense to absorb impacts properly.

The Energy Sensitive material is still supple and won't make fitting a nightmare, but it stiffens up when your tyre hits a rock or a root with enough force. With a layer of this foam attached to the original foam, weight is still reasonable (160 g for a 29" wheel), and the insert maintains the vibration damping properties of the original foam.

If you regularly damage rims or tyres, this is the option to go for.
  • Stabilises tire sidewalls — less felling like you're going to pull the tyre off the rim when you're cornering hard on soft tyres.
  • Makes running lower pressures less likely to result in flats or damages rims.
  • Kit includes 2 Rimpact Pro tyre inserts.
  • Weight per insert:
    • 29": 160 g
    • 27.5: 150 g
  • Suitable for rims with a 23-35 mm width and tyres from 2.3-2.6.

We at 20Twenty have been running these on some of our own bikes for years, and we've a few tips!

  1. Rimpacts sit tight against the valves, so straight through valves are effectively sealed by the inserts. Rimpact or Peaty's valves are designed to work with inserts. If this is your first set of Rimpacts, you're probably going to need valves.
  2. Fitting is no worse than fitting a tyre with a tube once you have the technique dialled. The key thing is that once the tyre is almost on, squeeze the beads together at the opposite side of the tyre and push them into the centre of the rim. The dip in the middle of the rim gives you more room to play with. (We speak from Wild Enduro/DT Swiss experience, other tyres and rims might be more tricky).
  3. Rimpacts don't soak up sealant, but some might stick to the surface, so use a bit more than usual.

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Customer Reviews

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do it

Jeremy D.
only using the rear now

I destroyed a brand new set of wtb tires with downhill casings when I first installed the Rimpacts. They were incredibly difficult to get onto my santa cruz reserve 27 carbon rims, and when I aired them up and seated the beads, both tires had major wobbles where they had basically kind of ballooned out in areas. I have the smallest air compressor you can buy at Harbor Freight so it wasn't too much pressure, it's barely enough to set a bead. I bought a new pair of specialized tires at my LBS and paid them to install with only the rear Rimpact this time, as the mechanics had differing opinions on inserts. Everything went together fine this time. The Rimpact has certainly served its purpose, saving my rear tire from pinch flatting on several fast 3 to 4 foot drops into rock gardens. I'm happy with this setup for now, but I do fear I'll be walking out if I ever do flat the rear because it's so freaking hard to get the tire off with the insert.

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