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Bike and frame supply has vastly improved since the pandemic, but pre-ordering is still essential for some models and sizes. Hope HB916 frames are made to order too, so we have updated our pandemic bike deposit policy to take the current situation into consideration.

Please note - we can only deliver complete bikes to UK Addresses.

The ETA's (estimated times of arrival) we quote are from the information provided by the manufacturers and distributors. These dates are not guaranteed, as the manufacturers are also at the mercy of component suppliers. We will tell you the same dates as the manufacturer tells us.

We only take deposits on bikes we have on order with suppliers and have confirmation that we are going to receive them. We want to make it clear that there might be issues outwith our control that will prevent us from supplying the bike you want. If that happens, we will do our best to provide an alternative.

Deposits are non-refundable, except for when an ETA date changes by a month or more. If it looks like the date might change, we will do our best to find you an alternative.

If a bike arrives earlier than expected, it will be offered to the person with the oldest outstanding deposit, then the second, and so on. We'll then offer the bike to anyone with a similar bike on order. We should point out that this is a rare occurrence!

Bikes and frames up to £3500 require a £500 deposit.
Bikes over £3500 require a £1000 deposit.

We ring-fence deposits in a separate bank account until the balance of the bike or frame is paid, then the bike or frame is delivered.

We've tried to be as honest and open about the situation as it stands and not make promises we know we are not in the position to fulfil! We have great relationships with our suppliers, and we will work with them and you to try to get you your bike as soon as possible.

If you've read this and have any questions or would like to place a deposit, please phone us on 01330 828562.

We offer free UK delivery on all bikes unless bought through a Ride To Work Scheme.

We don't currently deliver complete bikes outside the UK.

Custom-built bikes can be delivered in kit form (for you to assemble) - we can include shipping to your country in your quote.

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This information is intended as a guide only.

Cycle To Work is a Government Initiative to encourage cycling to work. The idea is that by cycling to work, you get fitter and healthier, and at the same time reduce congestion and improve air quality.

In simplest terms, your employer pays for the bike, and you hire it from them through salary deductions. At the end of the hire period, the employer can sell you the bike. (Until the bike is paid for, you hire it from your employer, so don't get fired).

Your employer might administer the scheme themselves, or use a third party like one of the following:

Green Commute Initiative
Cycle Solutions
My Benefits World

If your employer doesn't offer Cycle To Work as a benefit, you can send them this employer information from the Government that outlines how it all works.

For more information, click here to contact us or call 01330 828562.

Introducing the Yeti SB120: Redefining Boundaries and Igniting Adventure

Forget the numbers and let go of speculation. The Yeti SB120 transcends conventional categorizations like "cross-country." It invites you to break free from pigeonholes and discard limiting beliefs. Embrace a mindset of exploration and embark on your personal journey to discover what the SB120 truly represents.

Unleashing Innovation:

  • Threaded bottom bracket.
  • High-clearance downtube - 25 mm more clearance than the SB115.
  • Adaptability at its core with the Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH).
  • Achieve flawless aesthetics and optimal functionality with secure, fully enclosed internal cable management.
  • Embrace versatility with compatibility for long dropper posts.
  • Unmatched durability ensured by sealed Enduro Max bearings.
  • Unleash controlled agility through the floating collet axle pivot design.
  • Optimal suspension performance with the compact-wishbone shock extender.
  • Boost 148 spacing.

Choose Your Perfect Fit:

  • Sizes ranging from XS to XXL, ensuring a precise fit for riders of all statures.


Frame Turq RQ Series carbon fiber frame, Switch Infinity V2 suspension technology, Threaded BB, internally tunnelled cable routing, 148 mm x 12 mm BOOST dropouts, sealed enduro max pivot bearings, Universal derailleur hanger (UDH), and axle.
Rear Suspension Fox Factory Float DPS

Geometry & Sizing

Yeti SB120 Geometry

Sizes in MM XS S M L XL XXL
A: Stack 604 610 615 625 635 655
B: Reach 395 425 455 475 500 515
C: Head Tube
66.5° 66.5° 66.5° 66.5° 66.5° 66.5°
D: Head Tube
92 98 104 115 126 147
E: Effective
Seat Tube Angle
76.5° 76.5° 76.5° 76.5° 76.5° 76.5°
F: Seat Tube
345 365 400 440 470 485
G: Effective
Top Tube
540 571 603 625 652 672
H: BB Height 335 335 335 335 335 335
I: BB Drop            
J: Chainstay Length 433 435 437 439 441 443
K: Wheelbase 1122 1157 1191 1217 1249 1274
L: Standover - High 699 709 714 718 720 725
M: Fork Offset 44 44 44 44 44 44
Seatpost Diameter 31.6 31.6 31.6 31.6 31.6 31.6
Size Rider Height
XS 145 cm – 160 cm
S 155 cm -170 cm
M 165 cm – 180 cm
L 178 cm – 191 cm
XL 185 cm – 201 cm
XXL 195 cm – 210 cm

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