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Bash Guide ISCG05 V2

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The best bash guide on the market! If you're running a 1x drive train on your long, low slack enduro bike, you will benefit from an OneUp bash guide. Designed to fit the standard ISCG05 mounts fitted to most enduro bike frames, the OneUp Bash Guide can be installed with one allen key and without the need to remove your cranks.

The top guide makes a huge difference to chain retention. Even if you're running a narrow wide chain ring and a clutch rear mech, a dropped chain can still happen, especially when the chain is getting toward the end of its life. For the small amount of weight (around 100g), the extra security is a must for racers. If you do somehow manage to dislodge your chain, the tool less top guide can be hinged to get the chain back on.

If you've ever hit your chain ring on a stump or fallen tree, you've probably felt the chain dig in and grip. The OneUp guide takes this resistance and grip away, in the same way as skateboard deck rails help the board slide along a ledge.

Three bash guards are included to suit different chain ring sizes from 28-36T, and you can replace the top guide with a choice of blue, green, orange, red, turquoise or purple.

If you never hit your chan ring off anything, we also stock a bashless ISCG05 chain guide. There's also an underbash kit which fits the Deviate Highlander if all you need is a bash guard.


  • Tool-less upper guide flip.
  • Install without removing your crank.
  • Single tool install and adjustment.
  • Boost compatible.
  • Oval Compatible.
  • Black Stainless Steel hardware.
  • Includes 3 bash plates (28-30T, 32-34T, 36T).
  • Patented US 10,053,188 Other Patents Pending.

Bash Guide ISCG05 V2 Specification

  • Weight: 90g 28-30T, 105g 32-34T, 110g 36T.
  • Capacity: 28-36T.
  • Chainline: 7.5mm adjustment.
  • Mount: ISCG05.
  • Colour: Black top guide piece included.
  • Material: 7075 aluminium, top guide glass reinforced thermoplastic.

  1. Remove Bash Guide from bike.
  2. Remove bolt retaining clip from rear bash plate bolt by pushing a 4 mm hex through the bolt from the backside of the guide.
  3. Remove Bash bolts using a 5 mm hex.
  4. Select desired bash plate and reinstall bash bolts to 6 nm.
  5. Reinstall bolt retaining clip on the rear bash plate bolt.
  6. Reinstall Bash Guide onto bike.

  1. Remove top guide by removing the front top guide nut with a 4 mm hex (never adjust the rear T25 bolt).
  2. Set slider in the highest position
  3. Hold backplate directly against ISCG05 tabs. Check for clearance between the back side of the bashplate/guide and the bike frame (use included 2.5 mm spacers if necessary to space the backplate away from the frame).
  4. Rotate backplate until slider adjustment bolt is directly above the crank axle and torque bolts to 5Nm
  5. With crankset and chain installed, use spacer shim block to measure clearance between backplate and chain
  6. Determine the corresponding number of chainline shims required
  7. If more than 5 shims are required, install the supplied 2.5 mm washers behind the backplate and return to step 2
  8. Assemble top guide with spacers and tighten bolt to 3Nm
  9. Insert a 4 mm hex through the hole in the inner top guide, loosen height adjustment bolt and lower the tool onto the chain. Torque to 3 nm to set height.

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