Custom Builds

We specialize in custom-built bikes!

If you would like to change a couple of parts on your new complete bike, go for a ground up custom build, or somewhere in between, we can help. Enduro bikes are better than they've ever been, but they're not cheap, so If there's something on the spec list of your new bike that's not exactly what you would like, then why compromise?

We've built hundreds of one-off bikes, and we can take over the hassle of knowing which parts are compatible with your new frame. We can swap parts from your current bike (where possible) or build up a bike around a frame you supply.

Not only that, but we've built many bespoke enduro bikes for less than the price of a mass-produced, lesser spec mainstream bike.

Here are a few examples of bikes we've built recently. Get in touch to discuss your ideal bike!

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