EDC Carrier Fitting Instructions

What you will need:

What the EDC Carrier Kit Includes:

  • Threadless carrier.
  • Lower Cap (large black plastic saucer shape).
  • 4 x installation bolts (socket cap allen head bolts).
  • Star nut removal bolt and washer (10 mm hex head bolt).

Before you begin:

  • Read all the steps below!
  • If you are in any way unsure, or you are uncomfortable with any of the steps below, please ask a professional bicycle mechanic to help.
  • If you are installing the EDC Threadless Carrier on a complete bike, you do not need to loosen your stem and headset.
  • If you are installing the EDC Threadless Carrier while building a bike, you should still follow the steps below, but you will also need to tighten your headset at the end of installation
  • MOST IMPORTANT! Check your fork is compatible. If you have a Fox 38, you can install an EDC V2 using the threaded steerer method. If you have a Giant Overdrive 2, Cannondale Lefty or a fork with a carbon steerer, then your fork is incompatible, and we suggest you look at the EDC Pump as a way to carry the EDC V2 Tool.


Step 1. Check your steerer tube length.

The minimum length of steerer tube required is:

  • Fox (except 38) : 190 mm
  • ROCKSHOX: 210 mm

Measure from the underside of your fork crown to the top of the steerer.

Steerer Measurement

Step 2. Remove the Lower O-Ring from your EDC V2 Tool

You can use the smaller capsule or no capsule at all with the Threadless Carrier. If you are having difficulty removing the O-ring, use the 2 mm allen key on your EDC tool to pry the o-ring from the frame. There is a small notch on the frame to help you do this.

Remove The Lower O Ring From Your EDC V2 Tool

 N.B. The larger capsule cannot be used with the EDC Threadless Carrier.

Step 3. Remove Star Nut

If you have access to an EDC Tap Kit, you can use the star nut puller which is included. If you don't have an EDC Tap Kit, follow these steps.

Remove top cap and steerer bolt.

Use the M6 10 mm hex head bolt and washer included in the threadless carrier kit and either a hollow cassette tool or a 15 mm socket to pull out the centre part of your star nut. 

OneUp Threadless Carrier Instructions Star Nut Removal

Place the cassette tool of socket on top of the star nut (inside the steerer) and screw the nut and bolt into the star nut through the cassette tool or socket. Use your wrench to tighten the bolt and pull out the centre of the star nut.

If the washer supplied with the kit is bending making it difficult to pull the centre out, you may need to use another washer to help.

OneUp EDC Threadless Steerer Installation Star Nut Removal With Wrench

Step 4. Check Steerer Tube Clearance.

Make sure you have at least 3 mm of clearance between the top of your steerer and the top of your steerer or stem. (If you are fitting the EDC Threadless Carrier to a complete bike this should be the case).

Step 5. Determine Which Of The 4 Installation Bolts To Use.

Option 1: Measure the steerer in the same way as step 1. Measure from the bottom of the fork crown to the top of your steerer. Then use this measurement to decide which bolt length to use.

  Steerer Length
Bolt Length Min Max
40 mm 185 mm 205 mm
60 mm 205 mm 225 mm
80 mm 225 mm 245 mm
100 mm 245 mm 265 mm


Option 2: Use the bolt range guide laser cut onto the threadless carrier.

EDC Carrier Bolt Range Guide

To use the bolt range guide:

  • Install the 80 mm bolt into the Lower Cap (the black plastic saucer).
  • Hold the lower cap in place under your fork crown and drop the carrier into your steerer from above, so that the bottom of the Threadless Carrier sits on top of the bolt.
  • Check the top of your steerer tube or stem spacer stack is in between the laser cut lines on the Threadless Carrier when the bolt is touching (but not threaded in to) the carrier.
  • If outwith the range, repeat this process with longer or shorter bolts until you are within the range.

Step 6. Assemble The Bolt and Lower Cap

Insert the bolt you've identified as the correct length into the Lower Cap. The lower cap has an o-ring to hold the bolt in place, so if you feel a bit too much resistance, use a small amount of grease to help the bolt in.

OneUp EDC Threadless Carrier Bolt Insertion

Step 7 Thread The Bolt and Lower Cap Assembly Into The Threadless Carrier

Hold the lower cap assembly against the bottom of your fork crown. Lower the Threadless Carrier into the steerer. Line the bolt with the tip of the Threadless Carrier - it might take a few tries to find the tread. Rotate the Threadless Carrier until the bolt is hand tight - it's easier to turn the carrier than to use an allen key on the tool.

OneUp EDC Threadless Carrier Insert Lower Cap

This is the best position for the Lower Cap - drain hole at the lowest point.

OneUp EDC Threadless Carrier Lower Cap

While holding the lower cap in place, rotate the Threadless Carrier clockwise by hand.

Hand Tighten EDC Threadless Carrier

Step 8. Insert Your EDC V2 Tool

The EDC V2 Tool and the Threadless Carrier are keyed so that the tool can only be inserted one way. If the tool doesn't go into the carrier, rotate until it lines up with the key, and it is fully inserted, then turn the tool so that the tool is aligned with the teardrop pointing to riders right.

EDC Threadless Carrier Alignment

Step 9. Tighten the Threadless Carrier Bolt.

Hold the top of the carrier in place with the EDC Tool pointing in the right direction and tighten the lower cap with a 4 mm allen key to 2 nm. Be careful not to scratch your fork stanchions!

If you need to tighten your headset, loosen the stem pinch bolts and tighten the lower cap bolt until you have the desired preload, then re-tighten your stem bolts.