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After searching for a couple of months for a Hope Tech 4 brake. Stumbled with 20twenty page and luckily they have what I particularly need. Shoutout to these guys! I recieved my item in great shape and fast! All the best!

Patrol Alloy XT Bike
Patrol Alloy XT


Amazing Service!!

Owner was so kind and helpful. Answered all of my questions, despite the time difference from the States. Great people! Thank you!

Hope evo 155

Great product and easy to work. Exactly like race face cinch system if imitation is flattery. Happy with my purchase

New wheel

Top job again for new wheel 👍cheers guys

Hope tech 4 v4

These brakes are amazing, really powerful with good lever adjustment and look very sleek.


Simple Installation

Simple to use

**** on to co2, press onto valve. Boom. Done. Couldn’t be easier.


great fit, great feel just the usual from the boys at 20twenty

EX 511 Rim
Stuart R.
UKs fastest wheel builder

Excellent service as always


Perfect clipless platform - Hope quality

These are essentially the perfect platform clipless pedals.

Almost all clipless pedals have an entirely useless platform. The pins are located in the wrong place, the platform is too small or there is no shoe contact. Almost all the time, the mechanism is what you end up standing on and not the pedal body itself.

You might luck out if you're using Shimano shoe with a deep central channel in the sole. But for everyone else, these are the ones. Doubly so if your shoe has a small amount of toe spring.

The dual jaws make clipping in easy. The rear one has a bevel so its possible to go toe first or just stomp. The clip out is nice and positive too. Build quality is perfect. They're also slimmer in profile than you think.

Clipped out grip is great. Just build up the extra plates or pins as you like.

The only downside - my set had slightly dry bearings on one side. Maybe the super heavy stock grease would have migrated just fine in use, but it was a 2 min job to pull them out and grease them up.

Great handy tool

Great handy tool for a quick tyre repair for tubeless riders

Rimpact Original Tyre Insert Set

Very good thanks

Great service and bike set up. Highly recommended

Knuckleduster Grips
Daniele B.O.

Knuckleduster Grips

Great dropper

Decided to go with this dropper as the overall dimensions enabled me to increate the dropper from factory 125 to 150mm! Only had a single ride but all working perfectly!

Quite comfortable for the support they offer

These are the first ankle braces I've tried. They work well and are easy to put on. I've worn them for a couple of hours with only minor discomfort.

Hydra hubs

Absolutely awesome product, always been happy with other high end hubs with less engagement, but as soon as you use a hydra the engagement is insane. Yes you can tell a massive difference!!

Dropper Post Remote V2

great dropper post lever , bought to replace the original Fox one that the post came with, this has a smooth actuation as it runs on a bearing - now have this on on two bikes.
great service from 20Twenty store

Fast shipping across the ocean

I just received the EDH inset for ebike and it’s awesome. Install was a pain but worth it. Ride feels smoother and dampened. Definitely better than cushcore and tannus. I’ve tried them all and I like the extra layer of protection for my carbon wheels.

Great Service

Delivered very quickly foc .

Great grips

Very comfortable

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