Discover the Nukeproof Reactor: The Ultimate Aggressive Trail Bike

Are you ready to conquer the trails with confidence and precision? The Nukeproof Reactor is meticulously designed from the ground up to deliver unrivalled performance as the ultimate aggressive trail bike. Whether you're tackling technical climbs or pushing the limits on the most challenging trails, the Reactor is your trusted companion.

Crafted with precision, the Reactor frame is constructed from hydroformed triple-butted 6061 aluminium, ensuring lightweight strength and durability. To further optimize performance, the seat stays are expertly moulded from carbon fibre to reduce unsprung mass. With versatility in mind, the Reactor is available for both 27.5" and 29" wheel sizes, each with its own purpose-built frame to provide uncompromised performance.

Now, the choice is yours: Do you value manoeuvrability with the 27.5" wheel size, or crave the raw speed of the 29" wheel size?

One standout feature of the Reactor is the "flip chip," which allows you to adjust the geometry effortlessly between "Trail" and "Rail" modes:

  • Trail Mode: Perfect for those who find joy in both climbing and descending, this setting optimizes the Reactor for trail riding, ensuring balanced performance on every aspect of your ride.
  • Rail Mode: Ready to shred the corners with confidence? Activate Rail Mode to transform the Reactor into a corner-shredding machine. With a 6 mm bottom bracket drop and a slightly slacker head angle, it maximizes the bike's descending capabilities for an adrenaline-fueled experience.

To deliver an exceptional climbing and descending performance, the Reactor features a meticulously designed 4-bar horst linkage. It offers higher levels of anti-squat for efficient climbing in lower gears, while providing lower levels of anti-squat when you shift to higher gears. This allows the bike to excel on climbs while transforming into a trail hooligan when you hit top speeds. The progressive rate and balanced anti-rise figures ensure superior small bump compliance, mid-stroke support for cornering, and end-stroke progression for aggressive riding. The Reactor is designed to reward riders with a stoke factor that leaves you exhilarated after every ride.

Experience the thrill of the Nukeproof Reactor and elevate your trail riding to new heights. Get ready to conquer the trails with confidence and unleash your full potential on every adventure.

Nukeproof Reactor Geometry & Sizing

Nukeproof Reactor 290 Geometry

140/150 mm Fork

Sizes in MM M L XL
A: Stack 615/618.4 620/623.5 625/628.7
B: Reach 451/446.3 480/475.4 514/509.5
C: Head Tube
66° (Low 65.5)/65.5°(Low 65) 66° (Low 65.5)/65.5°(Low 65) 66° (Low 65.5)/65.5°(Low 65)
D: Head Tube
105 110 115
E: Effective
Seat Tube Angle
75.5° (Low 75)/75.1° (Low 74.6) 75.5° (Low 75)/75.1° (Low 74.6) 75.5° (Low 75)/75.1° (Low 74.6)
F: Seat Tube
420 458 508
G: Effective
Top Tube
610/611.2 640/641.2 675/676.3
H: BB Height 336 (Low 330)/339 (Low 333) 336 (Low 330)/339 (Low 333) 336 (Low 330)/339 (Low 333)
I: BB Drop -33 (Low -39)/-30 (Low -36) -33 (Low -39)/-30 (Low -36) -33 (Low -39)/-30 (Low -36)
J: Chainstay Length 440 440 440
K: Wheelbase 1205/1209 1235/1239.1 1271/1275.1
L: Standover - High 736/739 744/474 769/772
M: Fork Offset 44 44 44
Seatpost Diameter 31.6 31.6 31.6
Handlebar Width 780 800 800
Stem Length 45 45 45
Max Seatpost Insertion 215 250 300
Size Rider Height
S 160 cm – 171 cm
M 170 cm – 181 cm
L 180 cm – 191 cm
XL 190 cm – 201 cm